Sunshine Sends Michael to WWE SummerSlam!

Sunshine Sends Michael to WWE SummerSlam!

Michael’s dream came true when he went to CA to the WWE Summerslam Event! He is 16 and has Muscular Dystrophy. Michael shared his story with Sunshine:

“Thank you so much for the trip. I had so much fun and so did my dad. We wanted to explore California a little, so we went to the walk of fame and on a tour that took us through Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Hollywood. It was amazing. We saw my favorite wrestler, John Cena. At Summerslam we went back stage and met some of the wrestlers and got autographs and pictures taken with them. I can’t thank you enough. We had such a great time. And one more time, thank you so much!”

Michael with Teddy Long, WWE General Manager and WWE Professional Wrester, R Truth!







Michael and his father with a WWE Announcer!






Michael meets John Morrison, WWE Professional Wrestler!