Dream Programs

Sunshine Foundation Dream Programs

Sunshine Foundation exists to answer the dreams of chronically ill, physically challenged and abused children! Dream requests are as unique and individual as each child we serve, but Sunshine Foundation’s most popular request is a family trip to Disney World or the other Orlando theme parks! Below provides more information on some of the many dream requests Sunshine Foundation fulfills.

dreamvillages-icon-01Dream Village

Sunshine Foundation owns a Dream Village in Davenport, FL, where families stay while on a dream trip to Central Florida! The Dream Village features 9 fairy tale themed cottages, an Olympic sized swimming pool, mini golf course, and play ground, all handicapped equipped and wheelchair accessible! Sunshine Foundation pays for airfare, transportation, lodging, and tickets to the attractions. Families arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday.

special-dreams-icon-02Special Dream Stories

While, Sunshine Foundation’s most requested dream is a family trip to the Dream Village and the Orlando Attractions, Sunshine Foundation also receives many other requests as well. Sunshine Foundation’s special dreams can be anything from a celebrity meet and greet, family trip, shopping spree or adaptive medical or therapeutic equipment!


There are so many chronically ill and physically challenged children that dream of going to Disney World. To try to meet these growing requests of these special young people, Sunshine Foundation provides Dreamlifts, a one day excursion to Disney or other Orlando theme parks. Sunshine charters a plane and takes groups of about 100 special needs children to spend the day in the #1 most requested destinations. For many of these children they are having two dreams fulfilled: their first time flying and a day at one of Orlando’s theme parks.


airportgreeters-icon-01Promoting our Programs through Dream Come True Presentations

Sunshine Foundation hand delivers dream packages! When one of our kids are chosen to have their dream answered, our volunteers get together to make a special presentation announcing that they are about to see their dream come true. This is a great opportunity for our sponsors to share in the experience of seeing the child’s face light up when they get the news. **When available in areas with volunteers.